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Fake Gnus Alert! Ukrainian Soldier allegedly affiliated with ISIS?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

So latest bit of #russiandisinformation #fakegnus I’ve seen floating from multiple news outlets, as well as individuals on Twitter. The story goes like this-- among the ranks of Ukraine's military is a soldier who allegedly is affiliated with ISIS as evidenced by his “arm badge” clearly visible in multiple frames caught by recent TV reporting. SO we ask: is this fake gnus or is this claim true???

Here is a debunker from France 24 news in English.

A summation of the findings: it isn’t that he isn’t wearing a patch that isn’t associated w/ ISIS— it’s that: 1) The soldier's call name is "Kurt", and in an interview facilitated by the Ukrainian military, he is Christian/always has been. There is no other evidence available demonstrating otherwise. 2) Kurt says he, like many soldiers, collects patches off the enemy & this was a recent trophy. 3) Kurt has been interviewed a few times before this no previous signs of the patch. 4) The soldier "Kurt" never fought in any other wars before 2014. Or since. One final note: Just because you see the seal of Mohammed on a black background does not in any way automatically mean that seal belongs to ISIS. Multiple Ismalic groups use the seal of Mohammed. So in this case the claim can be labeled as #russiandisinformation and #fakegnus.

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